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CC Logo copy.jpgVisit Corner Country, outback New South Wales.  Find out more


Corner Country is the region of wide-open spaces, red sand dunes and big blue skies stretching north and west beyond Broken Hill.


Whether spending several days, or just passing through, Corner Country is perfect for anyone interested in touring inland Australia.  For the self-drives we have several touring routes covering the Silver City Highway north from Broken Hill, or routes off the main road taking in the Barrier Ranges, Silverton or the Wild Dog Fence.  What-ever your preference, there is an option for you. And plenty to see as well.


How to get to the Corner Country

Tour operators. 


Discover the Many Attractions

From the wild dog fence to historic mining towns, from places where explorers camped to remarkable unique plants and wildlife...Corner Country has so much to see.  Find out more

Download 2011 Touring Guide

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From landscapes to wildlife, people to buildings, Corner Country has wonderful imagery to capture. Find out more

Film Locations

The Corner Country has many wonderful locations suitable for film.  To showcase them we have developed a separate website. Corner Country Film Locations

Discover Heritage

From early times, the Corner Country has  had a remarkable history. Traditional home to the Maliangaapa, Wadigali and Wangkumara people, explored by Sturt, Stuart and Burke and Wills, and  settled by squatters and miners. Find out more

Enjoy Unique Accommodation

Track Mates” is a network of "million star" homestead and traditional accommodation places located along the touring routes. Each offers accommodation and activities.  Find out more


Meals and Fuel Guide

Explore Touring Routes

Across the Corner Country are touring routes,    each based on an element of the region's heritage or geology. Find out more

Holiday Planning Ideas

Planning your trip?  Here are a few suggestions to get you on the right road..

Corner Country 4 Wheel Drive Touring

With hundreds of kilometres of unsealed road across the Corner Country there's a 4 wheel drive adventure just waiting for you.  Find out more.  

Regional Maps

Download regional maps, discover where to find fuel, meals, how far it is to your destination.

Enjoy Activities

There is something for everyone in the Corner Country, explore an outback town, climb a mount(ain), hike, paint, photograph...or just enjoy the wildlife.   Find out more


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Corner Country road conditions change.

Road conditions change with wet weather. Call 08 8082 6660 for recorded advice or follow the link above for published warnings

This website has been developed by the Milparinka Heritage and Tourism Association Inc.  Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about any aspect of visiting the Corner Country.  Email Call the Milparinka VIC on 08 80913862 between March and October, or 08 80912524.