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The Corner Country Loop extends from Milparinka westward along the Hawker Gate Road to an intersection about 10 km west of Yandama Station. The junction is well signposted. The road to Cameron Corner passes through station country until it connects with the road running westward from Tibooburra through Sturt National Park. This road is maintained by the RTA, but 4WD is recommended, although not essential.

The Hawker Gate Road is so named as it was the early route taken by miners and cameleers as they crossed the desert from South Australia to the goldfields. Hawker Gate is located in the Wild Dog Fence, is the largest single structure in the world and extends for some 5000 km. Traffic cannot pass through the gate into South Australia.

Points of interest along this route include:

  • Milparinka
  • Mt Browne Goldfields
  • Depot Glen, Poole's grave and Sturt's Cairn
  • Yandama Creek
  • Fort Grey
  • Cameron Corner
  • Sturt National Park

Tiboobura Weather Outlook

Cameron Corner Weather Outlook


Corner Loop - Accommodation

Built in 1882, the Albert Hotel was the first to be licensed in Milparinka and just one of four hotels in the historic township at theheight of the gold rush. Despite renovations through the years parts of the hotel remain as travellers would have found them more than a century ago.
Milparinka Accommodation
Cameron Corner is the most remote location in outback New South Wales, and one of the busiest. Each year several thousand people pass this way, either heading toward the Strzelecki Track, or into the Corner Country from South Australia.
Corner Country Accommodation
The Family Hotel in Tibooburra was built in 1882 by Francis Bladon. Originally known as the Tattasall's Hotel its name was changed to Downie's Family Hotel in 1887, and has since retain its title of the
Tibooburra Accommodation
Theldarpa is a 50000 ha sheep and cattle property located in the heart of the Corner Country, little more than a half hour drive west of Milparinka along the Hawker Gate Road. It is owned by the Sandow family who have lived in the area for thirty years, and is home to Sarah and David.
Corner Country Accommodation
The Tibooburra Hotel was built around 1882 during the goldrush. It is believed that originally it was named the Albert, but since an Albert Hotel already existed in Milparinka, the name was changed to the Tibooburra Hotel locally, it is affectionately known as 'The Two Storey'.
Tibooburra Accommodation

Corner Loop - Towns & Attractions

The surveyed north-west corner of NSW, Cameron Corner, is the point at which the states of NSW, Queensland and South Australia meet and it is this corner that forms the north-west boundary of Sturt National Park – one of NSW's largest National Parks at 340,000 ha.
Towns & Localities
How outback do you want to go? You drive 296 km north of Broken Hill, 39 km south of Tibooburra and 1,465 km from Sydney to a small turnoff from the Silver City Highway. All around the red dusty soils of Outback New South Wales stretch to the horizon.
Towns & Localities
There is something impossibly romantic about Tibooburra; there it is in the far north-western corner (Corner Country) of New South Wales. Tibooburra is 335 km north of Broken Hill, 1504 km north-west of Sydney, 900 km from Adelaide.
Towns & Localities


Food, Fuel and Emergency Services

Outback NSW is very well serviced by food and fuel outlets as well as emergency services but the Corner Country is more remote so good planning is the key to safe outback travel.

The following downloadable file highlights what is available in the Corner Country; download, and even print a copy, as a ready reckoner.


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