For some, the Darling River maybe a destination but as the old adage says, 'there is no such thing as a destination, only a journey', and the Darling River is a journey within itself as well as a touring route that can be included as part of a larger journey.

The Darling River Run is a lot more than a travel objective; it is a journey through time, history, cultures, and spirituality of the Outback.

Many travellers in Australia don't venture into the outback preferring to hug the coast, which by the way is pretty nice as well, but there is so much to see and experience in the outback. And Outback NSW is easily accessible and can provide a wonderful contrast to a coastal tour of Australia; incorporating both the coast and the Outback is the best way to get a real taste of Australia.

The smart traveller is the one who best coordinates how to tie all these together and as the Darling River traverses the whole of NSW, the Darling River Run can be planned to cover south-east Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Driving to Bourke

A visit to the Darling River town of Bourke should be high up on any outback traveller’s list, as it is not only such an iconic town in terms of indigenous and...

Driving to Broken Hill

Broken Hill, considered by many to be the capital of Outback NSW with so much on offer for the outback traveller. Broken Hill is not only a great destination in itself, it...

Driving to Tibooburra

Iconic Tibooburra, there it is in the far north-western corner (Corner Country) of New South Wales, and while it may be isolated to some, it is the true outback and the...

Outback NSW Road Alerts

Live Traffic NSW will discontinue support for RSS in the near future. The RSS feed will be available until 28 May 2018 and may cease at any time after this date. The data contained in this feed is available in GeoJSON format from Please forward questions or concerns to This traffic region is bounded by Broken Hill and the South Australian border to the west to Mudgee and the Blue Mountains in the east. This region extends as far north as Tibooburra and the Queensland border and as far south as Cowra and Marsden. The region includes the towns of Dubbo, Parkes and Bourke. There are currently 1 hazards in this region.

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