Kinchega National Park, Outback NSW

Located in the central Darling about 1 hour south east of Broken Hill, Kinchega National Park provides wonder access to the Darling River for river camping and fishing. Rich in indigenous and pastoral history, Kinchega is bounded by the Darling River upstream from Menindee Lakes.

The park provides some of the best access to Darling River. Kinchega National Park is rich in natural history, a place that seems designed for nature lovers and photographers. It's also a place to immerse yourself in Aboriginal and European heritage. Sit back, relax and watch the native wildlife, where the red sand reaches up and touches the clear blue sky.

The area of Kinchega incorporates half the lakes which makes up Menindee Lakes; man-made lakes (originally pondages of the Darling River) feed by the seasonal flow of the Darling River.

With the magnificent Darling River forming its eastern border, Kinchega National Park is ripe with river vistas. The Darling’s banks provide idyllic camping sites and abundant bird watching and fishing spots.

Kinchega also embraces a number of lakes in the Menindee Lake system, with remnants of Aboriginal occupation found in settlement sites, middens, ceremonial areas and scarred trees. It was a meeting place of the Barkintji (Barkindtji) people of the Darling River and Wiljakali people, traditionally of the Broken Hill area.

The photogenic Kinchega Woolshed is evidence of the area’s unique European heritage. It iss in remarkable condition, a great insight to a bygone era with its many preserved examples of equipment and machinery. The last sheep shorn, 1967, took the total to 6 million over the life of the station.

Kinchega National Park is located at Menindee, approx 1 hour’s drive south-east of Broken Hill on a sealed road.

GPS:-32.497371* 142.233718*

Autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

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Kinchega National Park Visitor Information:

  • Kinchega National Park See & Do...

    • Kinchega Visitor Centre
    • Kinchega Woolshed
    • Morton Boulka picnic area
    • Old Kinchega Homestead
    • PS Providence historic site
  • Kinchega National Park Information Centre:

    • Park Office: 183 Argent Street, Broken Hill NSW
    • Website: Kinchega NP
    • Telephone 08 8080 3200

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