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Taking in Wentworth, Broken Hill, Menindee (Kinchega National Park and the Menindee lakes), Pooncarie and the 'must-see' Mungo National Park, this loop has it all and allows you to visit Broken Hill and do a grand tour of the lower Darling.

The 'capital' of Outback NSW, Broken Hill, has everything the traveller could hope, from the cafes, restaurants, Galleries and outback history.

Menindee, and the magnificent lakes, is a must for wildlife, camping and fishing as is Kinchega National Park.

From Menindee, the route rejoins the Darling River Run with Wilcannia upstream and the historic Pooncarie downstream.

Lake Mungo is one of those places that always at the top of any list of things to experience in Outback NSW. Its spectacular Lunette and Walls of China are an ethereal experience; it is one of the most significant anthropological and archaeological sites in the world.

Lake Mungo National Park, within the World Heritage listed Willandra Lake, is not only iconic destination for its sheer beauty of dramatic formations but also for the amazing spiritual significance of the area.

Lake Mungo is unique in relation to anthology as processes evidence of continual human habitation for 40,000+ years.

The lake is one of 17 dry lakes which forms the Willandra Lakes (World Heritage Area) and the evocative Walls of China has been created over the millennia through a process of both wind and rain; sediment has been deposited on the eastern bank of the dry lakebed and has, in turn, been eroded by the rain to reveal a myriad of textures and colors.

The Route:

Wentworth <> Broken Hill

  • Distance = 267 km - about 3 hours
  • Route: Silver City Highway

Broken Hill <> Menindee

  • Distance = 112 km - about 1.5 hours
  • Route: Broken Hill - Menindee Road

Menindee <> Pooncarie <> Lake Mungo

  • Distance = 135km - about 2 hours
  • Route: Darling River Run (via Pooncarie)

Menindee <> Wentworth

  • Distance = 240 km - about 3.5 hours
  • Route: Darling River Run (via Pooncarie)

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Lower Darling - Accommodation

There’s a farmstay on the Darling River that may have slipped under your radar. No matter whether you’ve flown or driven into luxury resorts or ramshackle stations, rough or chic, this one is a standout.
Menindee Accommodation
This unique outback property near Mungo National Park, has cabin-type accommodation, camping sites and caravan sites. Its commitment to eco-sensitive management means catering for a limited number of guests, which ensures intimate and memorable experiences topped with warm hospitality.
Lake Mungo Accommodation

Lower Darling - Towns & Attractions

The beautifully penned 'The Man from Snowy River' by Banjo Paterson is an immortal Australian poem and in it there is the line,
Towns & Localities
In theory it is nothing more than the remnants of an ancient lake (completely dry and with ancient sand dunes running 20+ km along one side) in the middle of the New South Wales outback. In reality it is one of the most significant anthropological and archaeological sites in the world.
National Parks
The famous explorers Bourke and Wills reached the Darling River near Pooncarie at nearby Tarcoola Station and made camp at what is now Bilbarka Park in September 1860 on the way to their ill-fated expedition to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Towns & Localities
A place that, in 1844, was described as
Towns & Localities


Food, Fuel and Emergency Services

Outback NSW is very well serviced by food and fuel outlets as well as emergency services but the Corner Country is more remote so good planning is the key to safe outback travel.

The following downloadable file highlights what is available in the Corner Country; download, and even print a copy, as a ready reckoner.


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