Mutawintji National Park, Outback NSW

With the historically significant and culturally emotive historic site (guided access only) this park is large and well worth the drive north from Broken Hill. Majestic landscapes and excellent interpretive features, this is most certainly a 'must-see' National Park.

The main feature of the park is the mulga covered Byngnano with river gums lining pools and creek beds. For enthusiastic walkers, the Byngnano Range Walk follows a breathtaking scenic route. Other walks include the spectacular Mutawintji Gorge Walk to the park’s permanent water supply, and along the Old Coach Road Drive that leads to a great picnic spot.

The park also provides the visitor with many wonderful walks through magnificent gorges and ephemeral streams in addition to wonderful art sites.

At Mutawintji NP you can experience the living history of Mutawintji once the site of indigenous ceremonies for many thousands of years.

The National Park has a number of walks to enjoy as self-guided walks. The fascinating Mutawintji Historic Site features ancient engravings with access available with a guide only. Tours of the Historic Site at Mutawintji are available through commercial Tour Operators only. Please enquire at the Broken Hill NPWS office or the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre for further information on Tour Operators.

The Mutawintji NP and Historic Site was the first in NSW to be given back to the Traditional owners. The Aboriginal Land Council and Mutawintji Board of Management along with the NPWS work in cooperation with the management of the park.

Mutawintji National Park is approx 2 hours’ drive north east of Broken Hill.

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Mutawintji National Park Visitor Information:

  • Mutawintji National Park See & Do...

    • The Mutawintji Gorge Walk: A spectacular walk up the River gum lined creek to the permanent water supply in the gorge.
    • Homestead Creek Walk: A wonderful 4-5hr loop (steep at times) passing Thaaklatjika (Wrights Cave) full of paintings, stencils and engravings, The Rockpools, Homestead Gorge and the Byngnano Range.
    • Old Coach Road Drive: This old mail coach road finishes at a wonderful picnic spot and walking trail of about 3kms will lead the visitor past Wana Karnu (Boomerang Rock) and the majestic Split Rock.
  • Mutawintji National Park Information Centre:

    • Park Office: Mutawintji NP
    • Website: Mutawintji NP
    • Telephone 08 8080 3200

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Outback NSW is very well serviced by food and fuel outlets as well as emergency services but the Corner Country is more remote so good planning is the key to safe outback travel.

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