Outback NSW

Corner Country & the Darling River


Welcome to Outback New South Wales, one of the most popular outback regions of Australia for the outback traveller. It starts at the Darling River and spans west to the Corner Country and the border with South Australia, and along the river from Walgett in the central north down to Wentworth where it meets the Murray River.

Within this outback region of New South Wales, there are two very distinct and complementary sub-regions; the Darling River area to the east, and the Corner Country in the west.

Anyone who travels though Outback New South Wales will understand the deep historical and cultural connections between the two areas, with experiences ranging from Indigenous heritage and culture, pastoral history, ethereal parks, iconic towns and legendary waterways, as well as shared natural heritage. It is just one of those places.

So, what makes Outback NSW unique?

  • Easy accessibility from major east coast capital cities
  • Unique outback towns like Lightning Ridge, Bourke & Milparinka
  • Iconic regions like the Corner Country
  • Home of our majestic Darling River
  • Rich Indigenous and European history
  • A diversely rich natural heritage, unique wild life, birds and flora. 



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