Paroo-Darling National Park, Outback NSW

One of the newer National Parks of Outback NSW, Paroo-Darling is a vast area covering the Paroo River and central Darling region near Wilcannia. Split into two, the northern section of located east of White Cliffs about 100km north of Wilcannia.

Explore the Paroo-Darling National Park, an ancient world of red sand hills on the Darling River floodplain. The only unregulated section of the Murray Darling Basin, the Paroo River sustains a diverse ecosystem. Peery Lake, which cycles through flood and prolonged dry, is currently full – creating a spectacular inland playground for thousands of water birds.

One of our newer parks, The Paroo-Darling National Park is split into two regions covering the Paroo River and Perry Lake in the north and Wilga Station on the Darling River in the south near Wilcannia. Wilga Station provides great camping, along the Darling River.

The park embraces a rich, living Aboriginal heritage spanning many thousands of years, allowing you to view artifacts such as stone tools, hearth sites and scar trees, which are all to remain in place.

You’ll need to allocate some time to fully explore this park, starting with a visit to the Paroo-Darling National Park Visitor Information Centre at White Cliffs, to learn more about the area and its people.

Access to the park is from several points from Wilcannia and White Cliffs. Road conditions vary and may be closed when wet, therefore check with the relevant authorities prior to travel.  

GPS:-30.906938* 144.04449*

Autumn, winter and spring are the best times to visit, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

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Paroo-Darling National Park Visitor Information:

  • Paroo-Darling See & Do...

    • Paroo-Darling Visitor Centre
    • White Cliffs
    • Peery Lake
    • Coaches & Horses Camp Ground

    Paroo-Darling Information Centre:

    • Park Office (Broken Hill): 183 Argent Street, Broken Hill, NSW
    • Park Office (White Cliffs): Keraro Road, White Cliffs, NSW
    • Website: Paroo-Darling NP
    • Telephone 08 80913308

Towns & Touring:

Like silence? Tired of the bright lights and noises of the city and want a really quite night's sleep under a million brilliant stars? White Cliffs has that for a truly restful night and plenty to explore during the day.
Towns & Localities
Wilcannia, on the Barrier Highway between Cobar and Broken Hill, is largely undisturbed port on the Darling River. Cross the bridge driving from Sydney to Broken Hill and turn either to your right or left when you enter the town and you will be amazed at the richness of the architecture.
Towns & Localities


Food, Fuel and Emergency Services

Outback NSW is very well serviced by food and fuel outlets as well as emergency services but the Corner Country is more remote so good planning is the key to safe outback travel.

The following downloadable file highlights what is available in the Corner Country; download, and even print a copy, as a ready reckoner.


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