Pincally Station, Outback NSW

Pincally Station is the home to Matt and Zanna Gale and their three daughters Bella, Lucy and Millie.

Pincally Station was originally settled in early 1900's by the Moyle family, and consists of 65, 893 hectares of grazing land under Western Lands Lease.

It has been owned by the Gale family since 1990. The rugged Mount Arrowsmith Hills, named by Sturt during his expedition through he region, form a backdrop to the property and homestead.


Pincally Station Accommodation

  • Pincally offers quality bed and breakfast accommodation at the homestead which is set amongst a lovely outback garden.
  • There is also a self-contained 2 bed roomed cottage which is fully furnished with a kitchenette and lounge. You may choose to cook your own or dine in with the family.
  • A swimming pool is located in the gardens adjacent to the cottage.

Getting To

Pincally Station Location:

Getting to Pincally Station:

  • Pincally Station is located 70 kms south of Milparinka, on the Mt Shannon Road.
  • To access the property directly from Broken Hill, take the Silver City Highway past Packsaddle Roadhouse. Approximately 40 km north of Packsaddle take the Mt Arrowsmith road to the west, crossing over the foothills of the Mt Arrowsmith range.
  • After leaving the foothills the road straightens and passes over several shallow creeks before passing an intersection. Continue straight ahead on the road on which you have been travelling for a few more kilometres and you will reach the Pincally boundary gate. The homestead is about 3 kilometres further on.
  • To reach Pincally from Milparinka take the Mt Shannon Road which runs past the western edge of the Harry Blore Garden (opposite the courthouse), and continue southwards for 70 kilometres. A kilometre or so north of Pincally the road takes a bend to the left and crosses a wide gravel creek before straightening up towards the homestead.
  • Pincally is also part of the Sturt's Steps route, and can be accessed from the south via the road which meets the Mt Arrowsmith road at the intersection described above.

Driving to Packsaddle

There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Packsaddle; there are highway routes and adventure routes along the 'road less travelled' via sealed and unsealed roads..

As a general overview:

From Brisbane:

Warrego Hwy <> Newell Highway <> Darling River Run <> White Cliffs Road <> Kayrunnera-White Cliffs Rd (Unsealed): Distance = 1,495km approx

From Sydney:

Castlereagh Highway > Golden Highway <> Mitchell Highway <> Barrier Highway <> White Cliffs Road <> Kayrunnera-White Cliffs Rd (Unsealed): Distance = 1,195km approx

From Melbourne:

Calder Highway <> Silver City Highway: Distance = 1,133km aprox

From Adelaide:

Barrier Highway <> Silver City Highway: Distance = 712km approx


See & Do

Pincally Station See and Do:

Around Pincally Station:

  • Come to Pincally to experience an authentic outback getaway.
  • The remote pastoral property offers a variety of outdoor activities based around the vast and unique environment. These include bird watching, self guided nature walks, amazing sunsets, feeding the animals and pets, swimming in the pool, school of the air lessons and enjoying a picnic or BBQ alongside one of the water holes which in season have a variety of water fowl and various birdlife.
  • There are 4x4 guided and self guided tours of the property. Some landmarks include creeks, swamps, a salt lake and picturesque sand hills.

More About Our Place

Pincally Station (cont)

The property consists of mainly sand hill country interspersed with seasonal creeks and box swamps. Vegetation consists of summer grasses, winter herbages and wild flowers when in season. There are many varieties of native animals and birds including, kangaroo's, emu's, sand goanna's, wedge tail eagles, finches, and budgies just to name a few.

Wool, lamb and beef are the primary products grown on Pincally. Stock work is carried out at various times of the year. These times include shearing, calf making and sale of livestock. Pincally is currently managed under organic guidelines and has been for the past 5 years. Organics were introduced to the property to utilize the clean, green environment we live in.

Matt and Zannas daughters are educated through Broken Hill School of the Air via satellite lessons and distance education. If you are interested in seeing how the school of the air operates you may sit and experience an air lesson in the school room with the children. The children are always willing to show off their unique way of learning.

Towns & Touring

Towns & Touring:


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