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Walgett likes to describe itself as 'The Gateway to the Opal Fields' because it is an ideal place to stay before heading off to the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge (76 km away) and the smaller opal fields at Grawin, Glengarry and Sheep-Yard Flat, all of which are located north-west of Walgett.

In reality it is also just a really nice place to stay where the people are friendly and the sense of 'outback' is cleverly merged with the facilities and amenities of a larger town.

The town is located by the Namoi River near its junction with the Barwon River in northern NSW, 696 km north-west of Sydney and is the centre for the surrounding rural area which is based around the production of wool, beef cattle, fat lambs, sheep studs and wheat.

Its attractive riverside location also makes it an ideal spot for fishing with Murray Cod and Yellow-Belly being the predominant catches.

Those interested in bird watching can take a trip out to Narran Lake, 96 km west of the town, a worthwhile trip that can be continued onto the Grawin and then to the 'Ridge' on the road less travelled.

Walgett is the start, or finish of the river section of the Darling River Run which heads downstream to 'Bre' and then continues onto the iconic outback town of Bourke, but don't forget to visit the outback icon of Lightning Ridge.


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Walgett Visitor Information

  • Walgett See & Do

    • Visit the two rivers - Namoi & Barwon
    • Burren Junction bore baths
    • Narren Lake
  • Visitor Information Centre:

    • 88 Fox Street, Walgett NSW 2832
    • Website
    • Telephone 02 6828 6139

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Driving to Walgett


There are many different routes that can be taken when driving from any of the capital cities to Walgett. The following is an overview of the routes from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that may help you in planning your outback experience.

From Brisbane:

Warrego Hwy <> Castlereagh Highway: Distance = 686km approx

From Sydney:

Western Freeway > Castlereagh Highway: Distance = 650km approx

From Melbourne:

Hume Highway <> Newell Highway <> Castlereagh Highway: Distance = 1,105km aprox

From Adelaide: 

Barrier Highway <> Mitchell Highway <> Kamilaroi: Distance = 1,360km approx


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